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darius bug

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was playing xin for maybe my 400th game on him came up too an easy counter ...darius...i usually have no problems with ...he hits lvl 6 and i got first blood off him he comes back engages with exhaust on him we were both full health he starts with his ult and exhaust on him and hits me for 960 dmg then decimates and i'm dead, who opens with their ult? as darius....no one... this must be a bug otherwise there are new hacks going around under no circumstance should he be able too do 960 dmg with no bleeds on his target at lvl 6 i have played darius also for quite a few matches and nvr once did i do 960 dmg with my ult with no bleeds ...or while having exhaust on me i can only imagine the dmg he would have done had he not been exhausted ...i questioned the player about exploiting and or cheating and his reply was "why should i care" which doesnt admit to anything but also doesnt deny it and its not a normal troll response either...

either way pls fix this as it was not fun, this company is starting to fail in so many ways it should be embarrassing for them...you would think...fix your **** stop bringing out champs and fix everything that is bugged or broken as past 2 days i have also seen players recreating the invisible glitch on command in 3 games where 6 ppl witnessed the same thing.