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Download/Update problems

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I was trying to download/update my PBE client and i was on step 2/2 at about 90%. Then, my internet started acting up and the download said it was going at the speed of 1 KBps. Also, the download stopped giving me an estimated time and when it did, it would be 0's or go negative. I was talking to my friend and the time and he was downloading the same thing and he had the same problem. He reset his patcher and it restarted from where he left off, and when i tried the same thing. It now says that it is on step 1/2, and there is no estimated time. I see the download speed and the MB remaining keeps going down, but the percentages don't go up. I'm not sure if it picked up from where i left off or not, but i'm still not sure if i should reset the patcher again. What do I do?

Also, sorry for the long read, i have trouble telling short stories.
Thank you in advance.