looking for a high bronze mid/low silver adc.

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3 Weeks Ago

Im in bronze 2, and i am looking for a good adc to duo with. i have Skype and curse voice and i am 17. so i would like someone around that age. if you want to duo with me, please use the following format, it just makes things alot easier. my summoner name is sleepswithhaton, but please let me add you. I would like to do this for fun just as much as it is to climb the ladder, so please don't take games over the top seriously... in the end, it is just a game

Summoner name:____
Chat:Skype, curse voice or both
Age: i would prefer ages 16-20 but it doesn't truly matter
rank: bronze 3 -silver 4 pref
top 4 champs:
fav color: teal