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Darkmaster Veigar Draw

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Undoubtedly my favorite Champion in League of Legends.

After brainstorming for several minutes I finally banged my head against my desk.
As the blood rushed to my nose I said to myself, "Hmm, Why not draw Veigar in a Necromantic light.. He already gets power from slaying things, why not meta that idea to him taking it from their souls?" So I drew this.

I used to play WoW in Vanilla before it's difficulty, immersion and lore melted into just button pressing, and like other players liked the way the shoulder gear was emphasized. If you were Warlock you may have seen the Plagueheart gear. which is where my inspiration for the squigly tendrils on the left shoulder came from. They may not seem impressive, but I enjoy them. And the right one is despaired and even though it isn't colored, it has bright blue flame seeping out of its nose, eyes and mouth. The cloak will be Dark Blood red, with black botches in the tatters to show wear and tear. His vestments will be burnt blue or purple, however I don't really know what color the trim should be, Gold seems too much of a knee slapper.

I kept his large Collar because it's great and gave him a hood instead of a hat, and the hood is on fire, the flame is blue.

I'm currently redoing it in a different pose, and changing some things. For starters, the Staff will be a large Phi Symbol (ϕ, and if I'm not mistaken, one of its meanings is to be a terminus, or an end.) There will be a skull in the middle and the cross line will be a spike stabbing through it, and the skull will be on fire, brightest of blues of course. The other change will be that I won't put a needlessly large blade in the right shoulder, Because when will he ever need it to AD Carry..?

Let me know what you think