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DCed while spectating

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DJ Shyvana

Senior Member


Not sure if this is a bug but I'm going to assume so. I'm currently in the process of eating dinner and decided to spectate some games from the home page on the LoL client. Both happened to be Plat/Diamond games and I was observing them because they were running support Thresh and I was hoping to pick up some ideas. Anywho, on to what happened.

After observing the games for around 10 minutes each I randomly get DC'ed and the Bugsplat pop up appears. I've had no crashes in any of my games for years as far as random DCing goes so I'm pretty sure it's not on my end.

Not sure if helps or more just my paranoia but both games DCed after a particular beating from one team say an ace or bottom was just getting wrecked.

I also clicked the little "send" button on the Bugsplat pop up assuming thats what I was suppose to do.

Edit: Make that 3 games after an ADC DC'ed mid game.