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Bug on Master Yi and Bug on money

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Shining Azure

Junior Member


First of all, it's all maybe caused by my bad internet connection

1. Master Yi Bug
Sometimes, when i used "Alpha Strike", the cooldown is refreshed, but i can't used it. (Note: I am not using Yi's Ulti, and i also didnt kill anyone except minion)
I often meet this bug

2. Money Bug
I am using Xin Zhao, i want to buy a hunter macchete and 5 health potion, i double clicked fast , and its laggy, suddenly, i have 70 money left (my inventory have 1 machete and 3 health potion) and i can't buy the health potion, the color of the health potion is grey. So i need to do reconnect. After reconnect, i can buy the "2 health potion".

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Senior Member


On the Subject of Master Yi's Q CD, i;ve noticed that this bug happens feequently when the target minion dies before it takes the damage from his Q (Ex. another champ killed it.) Not only does this screw with his Q CD tooltip, it also returns Yi to his origonal position.