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need more item variety for junglers!

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Desperate Izzy



so i main jungle, i have a load of champs that i jungle that some people might not jungle with and i find my builds to be in some way or another similar. i need a bit more variety on my items, i need to find better ways of making the attacks and abilities of my junglers the most effective i can make them. why does it seem like every other AD or AP jungler has the same build? why is it even hybrids have similar builds to other hybrids? don't get me wrong i love these items, but sometimes when you want diversity for junglers, it's just not entirely there...

My masteries pretty much look the same throughout my junglers, which makes it seem like i should just generalize a mastery page for AD/AP/Hybrid Junglers...instead of having a unique mastery page per champ.

what do you guys think?

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Senior Member


i main ADC (dont main support but play it alot and enjoy it..still not great) and its pretty much the same thing as well....few builds fit lots of champs....i kinda think its this way due to math...number of items + number of champs + number of roles + number of types of spells...theres reallly not to many builds that one can take in ANY role...not just in your jungle role