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Silverrun's Disconnection Ideas

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Hey I'm Silverrun in game and I'm new to these forums. In order to get this out of the way let me start by saying I am not sure if I am posting these ideas in the wrong section or if these ideas have been suggested multiple times so forgive me if they have. I'm fairly new to LoL however the thing that has been bothering me is that usually when I do PvP matches either early or mid game a summoner on my team disconnects either unintentionally or because they weren't getting their way or pure frustration but it usually costs me the match.

Anyway let me get to my ideas.

My 1st idea is that when a summoner on your team D/C' their champion is replaced with a bot. Now I don't know how hard this would be to implement or what difficulty the bot should be set on so I'll leave the idea there since it pretty much speaks for itself.

If the 1st idea is hard to implement then I suggest a team buff of some sort if a summoner d/c. Maybe +5% arnor penetration +5% magic resist for every summoner that d/c. So for example if its a 5v5 on summoners rift and on one team 2 summoners d/c the remaining 3 summoner's each get +10% armor penetration +10% magic resist.

Would summoners be able to come back if they disconnected? If this idea was implemented I would say no but again if you don't like or agree with this idea please feel free to share why you don't like it or agree baring in mind I am new to this forum and game.

If you feel this wouldn't work in game please explain to me why or why it shouldn't be implemented. Also I understand that some champions would benefit to much from this etc.
If I have posted in the wrong section please redirect me as I am new to these forums.