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Hey Riot, here's two things that will make Aram more fun

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You know, I really like the simple ideas. And the simplest idea to make things more fun? Get rid of things that are making it less fun.

1. Dodging. Get rid of this by making Aram an official mode, alongside normals and ranked. Dodging frequency will drop greatly, now that there is a penalty for it. <<< I really don't see why you don't do this. What exactly are the consequences of this? Any feedback at all, any red input on why you think this is a bad idea would be appreciated.

2. AFK'ing. Get rid of this by allowing a join system. Players are allowed to join existing ARAM games, replacing an AFK member after he/she has been gone for five minutes. It can be exploited, but who the hell cares? It's a casual game mode. 4v5's are not fun.

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I think that both of these are handled well enough by making it an actual matchmade game mode, as long as that brings with it everything associated with other queued modes. This includes dodge penalties and leaver/afk detection.

I'm just not a fan of the rolling leave/join option. It sounds to me like making a system where the player can leave and not feel as bad about hampering his team. I think you'd end up seeing all those people who wanted to dodge their game wind up going through the load screen, and then just leaving the game after it loads. Avoids the dodge penalty, and now they don't have to play that champion that they hate. Leave that for the next guy who up and joins the game in your place. I think that having the AFK/leaver detection would be enough, since it means that your account could get suspended or banned for doing it too much.

It's unfortunate, but with things like this you always have to look at them from a toxic player's perspective to see if it creates a possible abuse-case that would be worse than what you're trying to fix to begin with.

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Matchmaking would handle both of these.

I think having a "Join Game in Progress" option could actually make things worse, as people will be more likely to leave a game.

Basically what the guy above me said.