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What ELO hell actually is

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but what happened is you were never a 1200s elo player, your elo got higher than your skills

Uh.. Everybody starts out at 1200. It might be higher than their skills but it didn't get there; it started there.

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Delete Teemo

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All of those things you mentioned happen everywhere. You just got bitter and lingered on them when you got down to 1100.

Your team has slightly less probability to have these problems, because obviously you always play perfectly and never make mistakes.

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Population of North America - ~528 Million

Now think to your life outside of League...
How many people do you meet or know that are plain and simply dumb, and would not even entertain the idea that they are dumb if you tried to explain it to them?

I am going to be nice and say that 1 out of 4 people have a very simple mind and could not grasp simple concepts of how things work.

This would mean that ~145.5 Million People in North America you could not talk sense to if you tried...

Now to the point

If approximately 12 Million people play this game daily on different servers...

And lets say the NA Server has ~5 Million of those players

If my ratio I used above is somewhat correct then you would have ~1.25 Million Players fall into this category of being unable to comprehend simple things and you trying to explain that they are in fact dumb would do nothing to help the situation.

Ready for the Kicker?

I dont have one... My opinion is everyone makes mistakes, you included. Some people are better than others. If you dont like the team comp or people are not following the "Meta" that you want, then why didnt you dodge the game. Low ELO Ranked I would say most games are won or lost in the team selection (people not using trades, counter-picking themselves, dumb team comps.. etc.) If people are arguing about things in chat before the game even begins then why play with those people. Check their stats before the game starts, if you feel like these people are going to screw you over then leave...

Sure it sucks you cant go into every solo ranked game and have a competent team, but if that is what you are looking for then make a team. Dont put your faith in people you dont know and cant trust...