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Champion Idea - Raiden, the Flash of Lightning

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Here's my idea for a new champion:
Raiden, the Flash of Lightning
I designed this character on the concept of constant blinking combat, when someone blinks from enemy to enemy constantly to fight.

Raiden would be an Assassin, AP Carry, Jungler, and a Ranged attacker, also using melee when enemy units come within range of his melee.

Explanation of terms:
Chain of Electricity - A stream of electricity jumping across all enemy units that are close enough to each other. Each unit gains a Static Current Marker over a time span of 2 seconds, is slightly slowed for 3 seconds, and has done 10 damage per second for a duration of 3 seconds. The chain initially does 50 damage.
Static Current Marker - Raiden's marker, which appears as a glowing ball of electricity on an enemy unit. When they are fully charged they enable Raiden to use his Q. The marker also does 10 damage per second to the unit the marker is on.

Passive - Static Sense: Enemies within this passive's radius slowly gain a Static Current Marker. Additionally, Raiden gains a 5% movement speed bonus per ally dead, and stacks up to a bonus 20% movement speed with each death. Each time an ally respawns, these are relieved. The marker becomes active after 2 seconds of charging. It takes 4 seconds to go away when the enemy unit is out of the radius.

Q - Current Jump: If there are enemies with a Static Current Marker within this ability's radius, Raiden can activate this ability to blink next his enemies, dealing 100/150/200/250/300 damage with each blink and also shooting a Chain of Electricity to all enemies within the radius, and replenishing the markers. This drains 20/30/40/50/80 mana per blink with a .5 second cooldown. This ability automatically targets enemy champions first before minions. You can toggle whether you want it to target the weakest unit first or the strongest unit first by right-clicking the ability icon.

W - Lightning Bolt: Raiden throws a bolt of lightning in the chosen direction, dealing 200/300/400/500/600 damage to the unit it hits, while also letting loose a Chain of Electricity.

E - Static Discharge: Raiden unleashes a discharge of static electricity in a radius around him, dealing 90/110/130/150/170 damage and significantly slowing all enemies hit by the discharge. A Chain of Electricity is created as well.

R - Bind with Lightning/Lightning Strike: Raiden "binds" with lightning itself, unleashing an electric blast in a small radius around him dealing 20/50/100 damage. Raiden's movement is changed - he is now gliding on an electric current. The current has a tail of electricity streamed behind it, dealing 50 damage to each enemy unit that passes through it and slowing them for 3 seconds. Raiden's movement speed is boosted to a base of 600/700/800 plus the added speed of items, runes, and masteries. While this is activated, it drains 80/90/100 mana per second. Raiden is immune to all slowing and stunning effects. Raiden cannot use any of his other abilities during this activation period. While this is activated, Raiden's R becomes Lightning Strike. You select an area on the map for Raiden to move to. Just before Raiden gets there he jumps into the clouds, causing the screen of the enemy champions to darken, while thunder is also heard in the process. Raiden dashes in all different directions instantly within the radius, doing 300/350/400 damage per dash. Then, once this is over Raiden lands on the ground along with Lightning striking where he lands, doing another 300/350/400 damage and releasing a Chain of Electricity. All cooldowns are removed instantly when it stirkes, and your other abilities also become available for you to use.

Raiden's Auto-Attack is a tiny lightning bolt dealing 68 +2 per level damage and an extra 10 magic damage per hit. The bolt jumps between Static Current Markers up to 5 times, dealing the same amount of damage to each target it passes through.

I hope you like this champion idea. I have another great one too, but I just had to share this one. Maybe one day Riot will run out of ideas and come to this forum for help, and they'll also single out this one. That would be awesome
It is up to you guys, the players, and Riot to determine the stats. I'm not really sure if the auto attack stats are balanced, so you can figure those out as well as the item builds and his summoner spells.

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NO its a rip off of mortal kombat, come up with somethin original and creative