increase base armor / mr - rune stuff

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i was wondering if they should increase everyone's base armor and mr across the board just like they did with movement.

the idea of the runes is good, customization is awesome.

but you can't realllllllllllly can't get away from using armor yellows and to a lesser extent mr blues. you are severly punished if you do.

if u play mid without armor and aa an enemy champ, the minions will hurt.

if u go bot without mr u r feeling punished by the support.

so yea it might seem like a good idea to run %health yellows and cdr blu's on vlad but if you do your gunna have a hell of a time doing it.

i remember a while ago somone saying well we realized people where just stacking mr runes and would automatically win mid we didn't like that so were lowing the value of mr on runes.

idk if increasing base armor and mr across the board would actually help or solve the problem. but i'd like to use some other rune combinations without feeling severly punished for not going armor and mr.

i think supports have it the worst, sure mp5 gp5 and cdr sounds like what a support should use but if your not running armor / mr as a support, guess what u just threw the game cause its gunna be a feeding frenzy.

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just had another thought to lol at this point

look at all the recent champion spotlights

they all recommend armor and mr

can we get some custimization back without feeling gimped?

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If they increase base stats, what's stopping them from using the same runes as before?
They increased base movement speed on everyone, but that doesn't stop me from using MS quints.

I play Poppy top alot against AD champions like Vi, Nasus, Irelia, Jarvan, GP and Yorick.
Of which I run, 9/21/0 Masteries going into as much physical damage reduction as possible,
AD Reds, Armor Yellows/Blues/Quints, and Cloth Armor 5xPots.

You do realize how much of a nightmare Poppy has become for champions like these right? The moment I pick up a Doran's Shield, Ninja Tabi, and Philostone my lane is now a ghost town.

11 Static basic attack damage reduction from masteries(5 from defensive masteries, 6 from Doran's Shield)

10% Auto attack damage reduction from Ninja Tabi.

63% Physical damage reduction from Armor Runes, Armor items, and Poppy's "Paragon of Demacia passive"

Poppy's Passive.

If they increase base stats like you recommend, I'd STILL run these runes, just because they're that effective.

If you want to use Health Scaling Yellows and CDR blues use them to your discretion that's the point of runes.

Also increasing base MR is REALLY bad because it screws over APs.

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well they could increase the base stats and you could still run defensive runes to be extra tanky.

or they could lower minion damage or maybe lower everyone's base damage across the board but thats just silly.

i think its pretty obvious something should be done, just look at the champion spotlights everyone suggest building armor and mr for runes regardless of the champions role, abilities or intended job its always the same armor and mr.

why do they always suggest armor and mr regardless of the champion?

b/c without them ur just to squishy to do anything

i'd like more rune customization without feeling like i'm a huge liability to the game b/c im not running armor/ mr runes as an assasin.

the change to increase all hero's base ms also made ms quints ALOT less valuable imo, i'd like to see the same thing happen with armor/ mr runes