New Map and game system

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I was wondering today at work that it would interesting to have a new map and a new game.

The Game would be Demacia vs Noxus or maybe even Demacia vs Noxus vs Shadow I or ( every other champions not part of their cities )

It would go with the games lore. You could pick champions that belong for each faction and it would run for a month. The faction that wins the most games can give that cities champions a small buff to gold or just the satisfaction of winning for your chosen city.

The new map im sure could be a pure battle ground in the sense that there wont be forests and jungles , it would be a place where I imagine a real battle would take place, a baron field but, you guys are more creative than I am in creating maps. It would just be nice to see another map , maybe a map for each city in Valoran.

If you guys can expand this idea it be nice to read what you guys out there think.