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The best 3v3 champions?

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Senior Member


A few of my friends from school love to play 3v3's, and I'm trying to decide on some great champions for 3v3 so I may easily beat them ^_^

I notice assassin's don't work very well because atleast 2/3 of most 3v3 teams are bruisers.

Suggestions please sirs?

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Junior Member


U can use a lot of champions that are good in 3v3.. always depending of your oponent champions..
If u play 3v3 i recomend u.. tanky champions.. stil having the strategy of 5v5 (adc,tank, ap)
or some champions that would beneficie u because the size of the map.. like heimerdinger, teemo, etc..
there are a lot of good champions in 3v3.. signed, darius, garen, tryndamere, amumu, etcc good luck
remember that almost all champions are good and balanced