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Losing ELO for no good reason.

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Junior Member


Hello, I have been playing League for around 2 years now, and just started playing ranked this year. I thought I was good enough, and mature enough to deal with losses and such, not really caring what trolls said. I lost a few games and my ELO started to drop, down deep into the depths of the worst place imaginable, ELO hell. It is near impossible for me to arise from this pit of despair and immaturity, but I have a solution.

In a recent game I was forced to leave during champion select, the first pick was a Master Yi, selected at random. He banned the first three champs he could, Karma, Urgot, and Fizz. He picked Yi, telling everyone that he would be 'trolling' that game. Me in a separate window did not see this until around a minute before my pick. He talked with the rest of the team, and convinced them to sacrifice their ELO and have a laugh by intentionally losing for ... "fun."

My solution is a vote and kick. The time span remains the same, but if a majority of all 10 players queueing for the game decide that one player is not playing how they should be, they have the option to kick him from the game, OR have an instant report, during champion select, if the Summoner cannot prove that he/she will give his 100%, then they can either leave unpunished without reloading the launcher, or suffering through at least 20 minutes of time wasting, game losing, troll antics. Now this poses other problems, of constant queue dodging and troll kicking, but a solution is needed.


Vote and kick in champion select, or Instant report in champion select

Thanks for your time,
-7924keener, NA Summoner for 2 years.

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This doesn't belong in the New Player forum, as it has nothing to do with requesting or providing help for new players.

You haven't thought this idea through very thoroughly.

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Emissary of the League


I understand where you're coming from, but votekick... not such a good idea...