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@Riot Decisions of some champions are confusing

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I was thinking this morning (aussie time) what drives some of the newer champions to join the league?
I understand the lore department got cut, but heroes like Hecarim, Zyra, Elise, and Syndra according to their lore have no real motivation to join the league, what do they get out of being in the league?

Syndra could of stayed in her floating castle away from prying eyes until she was powerful enough to just crush the Ionia leaders, why expose herself and her powers to the world?

Zyra is simply hungry, how could she be granted access to the league (through the old way exposing her mind) also why not simply devour things in the shadow again why expose herself to the world?

Hecarim demanded entry into the league, but why, according to his lore he wants to bring a war from the Shadow Iles so why allow himself to be controlled by a summoner and restricted to what he can do inside the league?

Elise is the most confusing of all, she serves a spider god and brings sacrifices to it; in return she is granted eternal life, why leave this home? Why allow her mind to be exposed, her secrets to be revealed and why allow herself to be revealed on such an open stage as the league, if her followers have never even seen her spider like limbs before (according to her lore) they will once she is on the fields of justice.

I'm not saying all the new releases have confusing lore; Rengar and Kha'zix have really compelling lore that makes them strive to be inside the league.

I am hoping that threash will have a reason for joining the league rather than just being an amazing idea, so we will fit him into the league.
I really love the lore behind this game, but it feel like its all about the gameplay, the champions and the money that can be made, less like the story behind this amazing world you have created.

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Here's my take on why Syndra joined the League:
In Syndra's lore, it says she killed the mentor that her village assigned to her and then refused to return to Ionian society. I'm thinking the Ionian leaders knew that, if they gave her the chance, she would just hide in her fortress until she was strong enough to kill anyone she wanted, and then she would probably go after the government (and any innocent person that got in her way). So maybe the elders went to the League and asked them to help, seeing as she was more or less a criminal hiding from the law. The League would have intervened and, if worse went to worst, they could have given her an ultimatum: come down from your floating castle and join the League, where you are actually encouraged to kill people with your magic, or we'll use our immense power to bring your castle crashing to the ground, and then we'll kill you. Even Syndra would have known her magic couldn't compare to a bunch of summoners working together, so she probably would have done what they said.

I don't know about Hecarim, Elise, and Thresh. It sounds like Riot will tell us more about the Shadow Isles and the motivations of its champions soon, though.

As for Zyra, I'm not so sure that she's chronically hungry - she used to be hungry because she ran out of prey in her jungle, and when a human came along she transferred herself into the human's body(?). After that, it seems like she kind of went on a power trip, and just explored to see what was out there. There are a ton of reasons she could have ended up in the League - she could have gone voluntarily, she could have been sent there as a prisoner because she killed too many people, etc.

The release day for whatever lore Riot's been working on is probably just around the corner, so maybe time will tell.