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Electra Vi

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RN Nevermore

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Ok so if you can’t tell because I changed practically everything on her, this is one of the latest champions from League of Legends, Vi. I heard a song called bubblegum B*tch by Marina and The Diamonds and all I could think of when I listened to it was Vi as a girl made out of bubblegum (seeing as I already get the bad b*tch vibes from her lol). So this took me about four days which was longer than I hoped but none the less I’m happy I took my time because I’m in love with the way she came out. It was was of those moments of, ‘holy sh*t my art skills have expanded’.
So the black writing on the side of her is some of the lyrics which belong to Marina and The Diamonds.
Original character Vi belongs to League of Legends.
This drawing/ character design belongs to me (http://teenyraven.deviantart.com/#/d5sgrf5). PLEASE ASK FOR USE, DON’T JUST TAKE IT AND POST ON RANDOM SITES.
Also full res picture if you click the link through the 'me' above. c:
I guess this could be counted as a fan skin for her?