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Ranked 5's, 1200-1400 elo, LF Jungle & Support

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Senior Member


Hi guys, my IGN is Eyrgos (please add me!); I and a couple of friends are looking for two final members for our ranked team... we'd like to decide our team name as a group once we're fully formed, but we're highly dedicated & just looking to grow together and ascend the ranks (2000+ let's do it).

Please find me in-game & let's try a few matches, tell me a few details about yourself, your individual playstyle & your best champions for your role.

I play ADC primarily: Graves>Ezreal

My partner Deepstrike plays mid: Fizz>Diana

And our friend JJCrusader plays top: Pantheon>Jayce>Teemo>Yorick

We can all play secondary roles but prefer to stick to our best, we also own almost every champion individually so as to make trading seamless.

We're all in elo-hell currently but would like to transcend it alongside YOU.

Hope to talk to you soon

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Junior Member


Hey Boss,
Im a fellow elo-hell card holder.
Id be willing to fill your support role.
My best support champs are Taric and Sona.
I can play all other roles aswell, support being my strongest, jungle my weakest.