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Team 1400-1600 LF top-laner

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Our team just lost their top laner and we are looking for a replacement!

We all are in the 1400-1600 range and been playing for a while.

Most of us are from Quebec-Canada area so you have to accept our George St-Pierre like accents and the fact that sometimes you'll hear some french speaking haha

We usually run some weird team comps (bruiser-ad caster/stun support) to snowball the game. So you will have to get used to the pantheon-fiora-jayce bot lane and have a truly open mind about team comps.

We don't have a set schedule practice but we could set up something pretty easily.

We want someone that is very active and that we can find online most of the time. The team is mostly to have fun but we want to improve and get somewhere too!

Add me in game: Eagle37
Or give me your summoner name and I'll check you out :P

Have a great day!

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Je suis intéressé a rejoindre je jou top