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The price of health is CHEAP

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Vengeful Twinky

Junior Member


I don't know how many people have seen this, but some adc are building warmogs. Elise's first item? warmogs. Just about anyone can build a warmogs fairly easily and why? why not, its a lot cheaper now and gives a ridiculous amount of surviveability for a single item slot that carries shouldn't be able to just tack on. Theres been many games now in season 3 where a team plays much better, is more coordinated, and has great damage, but they just hit a wall of 5 warmoged champs and get bruised to death. I'm loving a lot of the new items in season 3, i throw liandrys on just about every mage but even then that makes a beefy champ who should be a glass cannon because obviously you want to follow it up with rylais to get the full 5% or even double out of every spell you cast while getting a free 530 health out of it. Tanks have their role, but right now just about anyone can fill it and still do great damage, so why play a low damage tanky brawler when you have cait with a mogs on the front line and tanking an entire team? Whether its the item change, or just a shift in the communities play style, i hope there will be some patch work to make tank a 1-2 champ role on a team

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tanks provide utility whereas a champ with a warmogs is just damage with health
tanks need to be good at peeling for their team.
they also need to have utility in team fights.
tanks also usually have lots of cc's making them invaluable
not all tanks have super awful damage