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Video Game Lessons

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Hey there,

I was wondering if anyone has ever paid for or delivered paid video game lessons for League of Legends? I am interested in monetizing my interest in video games (I'm a big league player right now). If so how did you go about obtaining the lessons? If you were to pay for video game lessons would you be more interested in paying for a top of the line player for a higher price tag or a very good player for a lower price tag. For example and 2300 player @ $60 and hour or a 1900 player @ $30 an hour.

Basically I am just looking for some feedback on the types of things people would pay for to enhance their video game play, guides, lessons, playing against a pro, playing with a pro, feedback on fraps games. If you were a pro would you be interested in making money off smaller but steadier income like this or more tournament play.

Looking forward to discussion