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Suggestion langague translate

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What this will do is it will automatically translate chat into the
prefered players language example

a player who speaks only spanish joins the na server before he plays he can go into options and choose a language for the translator to translate when he gets in-game all chat will be in spanish english players can also do this so only english shows up on chat.

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I completely agree! I was thinking about this myself. It would be an awesome way to be inclusive - perhaps ask Google if they can help, their translation is pretty awesome.

It would be great to just see:

LatinoGuy (Ryze): [Spanish] I'm still new at this - can you help me?

rather than:

LatinoGuy (Ryze): Todavía soy nueva en esto - ¿me pueden ayudar?

and I'd love for him to see

LiamBuddy (Amumu): [Inglés] Me encantaría ayudar! Recoger con mí y me dejó tomar la mayor parte de los daños.

instead of

LiamBuddy (Amumu): Umm - does anyone know Spanish?