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An easy fix for miscommunication in game

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Hey riot, just cc'ing this from the player behavior forums, as it may fit here:

Original link: na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3035375

Hey everyone. As you know, there's been a rise in trolling and miscommunication /no communication lately in game, and unfortunately most of us can only take so much until we snap and make an outburst.

Here's my suggestion: as in similar games, a chat wheel/emote wheel is used (DOTA for example) to simplify communication in game. MIA's and calls to defend or push have a audible notification in the in game chat, and also make it easier for those who don't speak the native language of the server, for they only have to click a command or push a button

This would also allow us who wish to stay mute or ignore overzealous/toxic teammates, can still communicate what needs to be called out without having to take on trolling/abusive teammates' onslaught in team chat.

It's a small idea I thought of yesterday after probably one of the most frustrating games, where I snapped near the end and post lobby. This would make it much easier to keep your cool, I think, and it could give a big helping hand to our non-English speaking peers