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Riot, you have a massive issue.

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*-Point of interest.
One of the things that make this game so great (at least for me) is all the posible interactions with other players from your team (attack/moves/strategy combinations, and of course chat/ping) and the huge impact they have on the ongoing match. Because of this is very easy to troll, game relies too much on human interaction.
If you want to avoid this, play with friends, if you have none then find good players online and befriend them, and if none of this works for you then play a game you can solo, or that team is so irrelevant that trolling is not noticed.
What i am saying is that the reason this game gets trolled is the same that makes it so good "human interaction that makes an impact in-game".
By the way i do believe the tribunal makes a good work taking toxic payers out of the way, and though some might return, a big amount wont, maybe is not fast enough but it's something, besides i believe they'd accept any suggestions to make the tribunal better (suggestions are better than complaints, i mean after pointing a deffect, don't stay there, give a suggestion).