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The Art of the Jungler

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*Cough* Nidalee *Cough*

She can still get cs due to her range, and with proper use of the bushes, can poke very well 1 v 2. When the jungler comes to gank and she is level 6 and beyond, kills should be fairly easy to get.

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Play singed and keep the lane pushed just ahead of your tower the whole laning phase with your poison, then all you have to do is take an early point into your w and keep running buck under tower when they try to kill you.

Singed. Ultimate troll champ.

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You severely misunderstand how important junglers are and how even more important they are when the enemy team has no jungler. You may want to try jungling yourself to see what it's like.

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Undercover Teemo

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There are several things to consider when it comes to a duo top team vs. a solo top/jungler team. I play jungle fairly often and I get into these scenarios a lot and there's always tension between the jungler and the person stuck solo top. But there are some things to think about:

1. Solo top + jungler = more gold for the team. This is because the duo top is sharing gold and their jungle gold is being left untouched, so it is essentially a wasted resource.

2. A duo top lane will fall behind a solo top and jungler in levels fairly quickly. This means that the other team has 2 under-leveled and often under-farmed champions on their team which gives you an advantage going in to mid game.

3. The threat of a lurking around keeps the the other team's lanes honest. By that I mean that they will not recklessly push their lanes and be overly aggressive for fear of a gank. Your team will not have this issue because they will be able to gauge whenever someone in a lane is not accounted for. This also leads into my next point:

4. Duo top on the other team means LESS GOLD ON WARDS. That's right, while you should still ward, the importance of it gets slightly diminished because ganks are far more predictable coming from the other team. At 75g per ward per person on your team, this adds up to a lot of extra money.

5. Jungler by nature roams and can provide support where needed on the map quicker than someone in a lane would.

There are several other benefits i'm sure, but you probably get my point by now.
As a jungler who often plays with tops who end up solo against duo I must say that there are a few things the top should realize that would make the game so much easier to win and more pleasant.

1. Do not harass the jungler, for ganks or just to complain. A good jungler will recognize that top is solo and will plan ganks accordingly. Also, if you have enough time to type complaints and harass then you're lane MUST not be going that badly. This also causes the jungler to respond which in turn delays his jungle speeds and ganking potential.

2. Farming is not your concern at this point. Farm under tower when you can, but the main thing is to survive and STAY HEALTHY for when the jungler does come to lane to gank.

3. Most people will likely expect that you will lose your turret and should not troll you or be angry. Despite the fact that you may lose your turret first, the advantage in gold and levels from the jungler will carry on into mid game and give your team the advantage.

The best advice I can give is to just be patient, farm under tower, and support your jungler. Because a good jungler coupled with a good top lane will be able to dismantle and take full advantage of a duo top.

Just my two cents.