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Nautilus's ult not playing voice

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Senior Member


Hello! It's me again, the guy who noticed a couple of Lee's sounds weren't playing properly, back hoping jaywatford sees my post. (I love you by the way)

I've been playing a bit of Nautilus recently, and I've noticed that whenever he ults the voice file that is supposed to play, doesn't.

This is what you should be hearing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FWIJ4RHRR0&t=2m44s

But it never actually plays when he uses his ult, instead just having the submarine-ish targeting sound whenever it's used on someone.
To my knowledge, it has never actually played since release, but I was unaware that the sounds even existed until yesterday.
Anyway, I'd love to hear this fixed, it was a real treat having Lee's sounds fixed, I feel it'd be the same for Naut.

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Lead Sound Designer


Hey Splinturt,

Thanks for bringing this feedback to forums! Think I found a fix for the issue, we'll get it all checked out and get it out as soon as we can.