People with slower computers, performance increase

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Hi all!

I have a Toshiba Satellite from 2007, and had absolute **** performance (think 10-20 fps after a patch back in October at lowest settings). Obviously this is too poor to play under. And yeah, it is an antique.

I run Vista as an operating system, which certainly doesn't help matters, but after suffering poor performance for months, leading up to what was blatantly unplayable, I started monitoring processes and services running in the background. Pretty much out of frustration. I was pretty well giving up.

What I can say for sure is that if you are playing on a slightly dated computer, especially one running Windows Vista, you want to disable the Superfetch service.

Doing this brought my FPS from ~20fps to ~50fps, with dips down to 30-40. So do it. Kill that stupid, bulky, ****ty service.

I'm posting this because honestly I was ready to quit LoL because I can't afford a new computer right now and had pretty much given up on being able to play. Hope isn't lost though. I wish I had seen this suggestion a few months ago, it would have saved a lot of headache.