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How come???

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Hells Gladiator

Junior Member


How come they arent doing anything about people who leave ranked games? I have had tons of ppl leaving and nothing is being done about it. Its ok to just lose elo bc ppl afk/dc/ragequit now? i thought thats why we report ppl...

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Senior Member


leavebuster is more strict on people than you think, its a great system.

you still lose elo because you cant win the 4v5. would it be fair to those who do win 4v5s to win less elo for that game? yes its luck as to whoever has the afk or dcer, but thats part of ranked that you get used to.

learn to win 4v5s. ive won 1 3v5 that started out 4v5 and annie left after we didnt surrender at 20. i was shaco splitpushing and duo que vayne+ali defended the whole game.

keep the faith bro, it all evens out in the end, thats the roller coaster of elo hell