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"Olympics are not international" - But Chinese New Year is?

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a Fatality

Senior Member


Does anyone else think it's funny that we are getting commemorative 1 year anniversary skins in the guise of Lunar festival skins?

(sarcasm) Stop being so furtive Riot. Come out right and tell us that you're happy you are the #1 game in China, and have been there for a year. Oh and tell us that China represents a larger investor base, player base, and frankly, has demanded a higher quality artwork. (/end sarcasm)

Just so that we are clear, NA servers represent less than 30% of all players. A little perspective is in order here, you are not that important. You don't even make up a third of the player base. The gaming market in Asia (Korea in particular) is so competitive that Riot had to step up to compete. If it weren't for the China release, all of these amazing skins wouldn't be this amazing. The NA folks are willing to settle for recolors, while the Chinese are asking for Three Kingdoms skins.