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My friends 5 man dream team of lulz

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Just as a qualifier, I acknowledge that good team composition is hugely dependent on countering your opponents, with high ammounts of cc being more crucial at lower levels of play.

This team comp is something me and my friends did when we got tired of team aoe etc:

Top: Poppy (although it doesnt matter too much, my friend just loves poppy)
Jungle: J4
Mid: Anivia
ADC: Vayne (he was debating using graves, and any high dmg adc could work, ie draven, kog..)
Support: Blitzcrank

The laning phase is decent, but late game is where it shines. We basically spam warded everywhere, and if they weren't in jungle we just grouped mid to push towers. The idea was to take objectives, but if the enemy decides to fight, then blitz pulls one and anivia walled off the rest.

Mid/Late game they got tired of this and rushed us while we were positioning for baron. (yeah, dat unnecessary baron) As we were blue side, they engaged from their wraith side jungle entrance. Blitz got a pull, anivia wall up, and the entire enemy team flashed over to rush the vayne and anivia. J4 was waiting. Twas a good day. If any of you play for fun with friends, this is an absolute blast to play.

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Interestingly all my friends play these champions, and i am the J4. Never thought of the blitz-anivia synergy.