Looking for a Serious Committed Ranked Team.

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I am willing to practice as much as I can, but i do however have work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday(however on fri. I could get on a few hours at night).
I am Pacific Time zone
I have tried to get teams together and practice, but it is impossible to get everyone on together at the same time.
I am currently 12 wins 5 losses in ranked solo que, and I main as support. I am not the greatest player but I am willing to practice hard to get the best I can. I also take criticism very well.
So if any team is committed to the game, needs a support, and happens to practice only on Tuesdays Thursdays and on the weekend, I would be glad to join.
I know my schedule is weird and that most competitive teams probably practice every day, but I figured it cant hurt to at least try and see if there is a team out their.