Competitive 5man recruiting Mid,and jungler

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I'm currently looking for players interested in joining/making a competitve team where we will take part in online and nearby tournaments and perhaps more; and get into high elo as a team. My team in season 2 was just shy of 1400 elo and was steadily climbing, before we disbanded for various personal reasons. So now after a bit of time i decided to get a team back together. Previously we schedualed in two nights a week wich was monday and thursday from 7:30-11 sometimes midnight. So you can expect at the very least 6-8 hours a week with the team. we of course play outside of schedualed practice dates but it just guarantees that as a minimum at least. We may increase it eventually but that will be decided as a team. As for the dates we will play together, will be decided once our team roster has been filled to accommodate everyone as well as possible.

The positions we currently need to fill are Jungler, and middle.

Were looking for passionate and determined players, willing to learn and open to constructive criticism. Being a skilled player would be prefered but is not required. I'm more then willing to accept someone who still has a lot to learn if they have any of the traits mentioned earlier and show potential as you can grow with the team.

So whoever you are, whatever your skill level is, if your interested or have any inquiries or questions, or if anything was unclear add me on League Of legends Chaosstrike and contact me through there, that way we can talk and maybe become teamates. Somewhere Near Canada,ON ottawa would be a bonus for local tournaments but isn't a deciding factor.