@Riot Suggestion to further advance music content

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Hey Riot,

First of all, I want to state how awesome the Login screen concept is from a visual and audio perspective. I love how it themes to new content and even includes a newly created song to fit the theme. I imagine this is no easy task which is why I'm curious why none of it expands beyond the login screen.

Has Riot considered expanding this content and allowing Summoners to listen to it beyond the login screen? (Whether in lobby or in games?)

Has Riot considered giving Summoners the option to select which login theme they would like to see upon login? An issue I can however see with this is your new login theme will not be seen, you could however either implement an option allowing people to have their saved login theme switch to the new so they can see it OR you could simply auto-switch it to the new one every time it releases.

Just things to consider if you haven't already, I apologize if there is a different thread for this but I tend to just prefer making my own for my own personal suggestions.