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Looking for Ranked 5v5's

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Looking for Ranked 5v5 team.
I excel greatly as a Top Laner, and find it very easy to win Top Lane the majority of the time. I'd agree ELO hell exists, and I cannot get out of 12-1300's. I will not place blame anywhere but I would like to find a team that is looking to be competitive and excel.

To consider:
I do ward my lane
I always try to counter if I can.
I roam/gank when I can

Champions I'm best at, in order my best:
1. Riven, my best, the only one who counters me with her is Garen.
2. Irelia, very good with her, - Garen/Olaf
3. Garen, very good with him, I always build tanky - Teemo(but who plays him in competitive ranked?), maybe kayle as well.
4. Jax, very good with him, usually pick against an Irelia/Fiora.
5. Olaf, very good with him, pick him vrs Jax or when my team needs a tanky damage dealing initiator.
6. Yorick, no real solid counter. There are champions that can lane/sustain against him but not beat him. Falls off late game.
7. Jayce, solid with Jayce, hes not my best but I am good with him. And he counters most melee bruisers.
8. Fiora, I'm extremely good with her, however I placed her lower because she has no CC. Only real counter is Jax/Singed.
9. Darius, very good with him, however I find the champions he counters Garen/Riven/irelia can counter as well, and they bring more to team fights. Feel like Darius is a solo queue champ due to his need to constantly KS.

I play other champs such as Cho'Gath, Teemo, Vi, Warwick, Nasus, Diana, Akali, however they are not ideal for me.
Lastly, I assure you i'm a very skilled top laner who knows the mechanics of playing in top lane inside and out, and my top 5 champions I very very rarely do poorly with.

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Buy zed. get better with him. You wont regret it.