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LF 700-800 Duo

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My Boy Meep



Meepdanny101 Top/Support LF Duo partnener.
-Able to handle someone who's voice is rather..high-pitched..
-700-800 Elo
-Able to fufill any roles that are needed in queue
Add me on league, PM me for Skype name if interested.

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Senior Member


I represent Fever, one of the friendliest, most active, gaming clans around. I think you would be a wonderful fit for us, so please come check us out. A quick bit about us:

1) We have over 500 people that play league, and over 1100 people in our clan. We have been around for almost 7 years now. 2) We have a top 100 ts server based on activity, so there is always someone to talk to and game with. 3) Whether you are looking to just stop solo que and have fun, or want to be competitive then we offer both. We support competitive squads in all our games that you can try out for if this appeals to you. 4) We require that you are over 16, have a Mic, and be able to use teamspeak. Please realize that we do not allow trolls or unfriendly individuals into our ranks.

If this interests you please visit http://www.feverclan.com, click on forums, and then "New to Fever" ... Once in there you will see an application section. Please read the rules and then makethread using our application template. In the recruited by section just put my name "Benden" in.

I look forward to hearing from you!