Tips for Newbs

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1.) I have yet to solo q with a good 4man premade. I suggest if you ever notice you are teamed with one just dodge.

2.) When you constantly push to tower, do not ward. Please, no need. Just get ganked over and over then blame me.

3.) If you notice mid got ganked and gave first blood, have river warded and see the jungler coming towards your lane, continue to push to tower at all cost.

4.) If you are fed you are invulnerable.

5.) Always start team fights just outside tower range.

Sigh .. lol.. I know threads like these are done a billion times a day but wow, just been amazed by people lately.

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I like people pushing lane all the way to enemy tower, not warding, not paying attention if enemy is warding, then complaining they are not getting ganks.