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Custom Game Mode for Practice

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Senior Member


I think the following options should be added:
- No Cooldown
- No Resource Costs
- Jungle Mode

I think it would be nice if you could setup the game to either have no cooldown or resource cost. Besides being a fun game, you could also be use to practice Flash jumps, skill shot ults, etc.

Also consider adding a custom game mode where you can control two heroes so that you can practice jungle techniques on your own.

These modes wouldn't necessarily give IP or win of the day IP, but would help us improve our skills.

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Junior Member


I've been saying this for MONTHS maybe it instantly puts you in a small room where you can buy everything and spawn minions and have a few practice walls or a dummy champion or something. I wouldn't think it would be incredibly hard to do this kind of thing...

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I LOVE the idea. I constantly fail with my flashes and wonder how I can most effectively get out of sticky situations. +1

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Junior Member


This seems Like a really GREAT!!! Idea honestly I could see me having alot of fun with it and being able to play some really fun matches with my friends where we just screw around. And if your talking about having just a one person custom kind of match thing then I could see this as a very usefull tool to play with and to get better with my champions also it would be very fun to buy six warmogs