Some Fun Ideas

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Okay, before I say anything, these are just some fun ideas and if you don't agree, just don't flame and state your reason for disagreement because these are just ideas after all.

Olaf - Reckless Swing - I was thinking if we could let him have a reset upon killing the target, however, upon reset the next Reckless Swing cost more HP? (Think Kog Maw's ult)

Le Blanc - Chain of Corruption(R) - I was thinking if upon landing her R version of Chain of Corruption, she could press R again to fire off another Chain from her target (Think Lulu when she hit her E and fires of glitter lance of her target)

Trundle - Frozen Domain - Gives him minion bypass within the domain.

Victor - Augment: Power - Upon buying his Q upgrade which increases his movement speed by 30% upon hitting his Q, the skill resets if the Shield does not break after 3 seconds.

Talon - Shadow Assault - Give Talon's R addition effect depending on which skill was his last cast(Think Le Blanc). Q gives minor bleed to all targets his R hit. W gives minor silence. E gives minor slow.

That's all I've thought of for now :P What do you guys think?