Some thoughts on Heimerdinger.

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Hello fellow Summoners.

I have been playing League of Legends for around 3 years, Kat was new when I started. I see a lot of tier lists for multiple maps and I always see Heimer at the bottom. Now, I know he isn't the "sit at turret with 3 turrets and defend" Heimer that he used to be, but I still believe he is one of the best champions in the game.

People don't play Heimer to his strengths, and I feel like this ruins his credibility. His number one strength pre-ult is his rockets. I NEVER start level 1 with a turret. People think of him as a 'pushover' in which just sits in lane and farms the hell out of it, but IMO, he has to be played very differently.

First of all, the rockets. By level 6, I will usually have all points in rockets, one grenade for the stun, and one turret. The goal of Heimer is to be aggressive with rockets when 1 or 2 minions are present. He also excels at zoning out basically anyone because you can chase them from minions and blast them when they are 1 of 3 targets closest to you.

The items that came out for Season 3 also make him viable again. My usual build is Rylais first, which is a great synergy for his ultimate, adding a bit of slow to it, making it amazing at level 6. With Athene's being released, his rockets are out of control, popping them off every 6.2 seconds max level with some CDR. Add Zonyas for hilarity with your ult, and Rabadons for some AP, and you have a pretty ridiculous killing machine. For overkill, getting ROA first makes him tanky enough to handle teams that aren't easily bursted.

People also don't realize that his turrets are a huge chunk of his damage as well, so fighting near them is essential. He doesn't mesh well with champions like Hecarim that rush in and push enemies away. I make it a point to remind people of this fact and to pay attention to where I set my turrets pre-fight.

I hope Heimer DOESN'T get reworked, because I feel he doesn't need it. Last season I got to Silver no problem using only Heimerdinger. He isn't really a bad champion. I also have been playing him in Twister Treeline a lot, which is why I made this post. He was in Tier 4, along with some champs who deserve to be Tier 4. His ability to sustain Vilemaw at level 11 is a good enough reason to bump him up alone. Plus, he turtles so hard that if you're behind, he can buy you time to catch up.

His stun is also a crucial part of his kit. Landing that stun on 3/4 people can allow your ADC/other dps to tear up people who are stunned while your grenades. So many times I have nailed stuns over walls so secure kills for my teammates which won us the games.

Anyone else have some thoughts to share on him? This is coming from someone who actually spent the time to try multiple builds and skills not usually seen with him. He has counters like everyone else, but I think he is still a good little Yordle.

Thanks guys.

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I like your post and I understand how strong Heimer is since I played him quite a bit in ARAM and he is strong. But I also understand that level 1 of his turrets dies too fast and its really ideal to dual a heimer when there is a creep wave. But give the proper skills, heimer could be very strong in fights. Considering a guaranteed poke when dancing around like baron and dragons.