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Getting Gold Elo as an ADC

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Well Im just writing this guide because i am really bored and its 7am and i cant seem to go to sleep.

Getting gold is just really an awareness and taking cs while harrassing your opponent.

As I started the game in Season 2 I thought y push the lane when u can simply farm under the turret with no ganks. < But this is simply wrong.

With a ward in the river it is safe to say that unless your blind you know if the gank is coming or not.

So push the lane and farm because farming under the turret simply reduces the amount u can farm and actually gives you ezier way to poke.

When the opponent is trying to cs you can poke them all you want without being harrased.

Also in mid games if you see a fight near you it probably means the mid or jungler was coming to gank for you and encountered an opponent. And if they are fighting it means its a close fight.
First one First served! If you get to the fight earlier it means a victory almost for sure.

So watch the map closley!

For Mid game w/e you do just stay behind ur peel.
ADCs are squishy and a target for your opponent! dont go balls deep and die but stay back and try to clean up the mess and stay alive will most likely win you the game.

To win in ranked just never give up even if it looks helpless.

Our team was down 8-22 with our top inhibitor gone in 20 mins seemed hopeless and our jungle was b1tchin "we fukin lost just surrender" but we kept it together and took the victory : >

There is no real loss until the nexus is gone!

So GL to yall and get them ELOs.