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Post of Solo Queue - time to rank up

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i can quickly go into a series of instances that display regular game-play - many of which are dictated by luck ie. quicker reaction times or that mis-timed ward, and some that are purely skill, champion mastery, map knowledge, and team-play.

THIS IS TO HELP ANYONE CONTINUE TO PROGRESS WHILE PLAYING LOL... it really makes it easy... wanna count to 5? here we go....

1) The key to playing and learning this game really really well is perspective and outlook. do not see yourself as one champion on a mass field with crazy creatures, turrets, and the fed enemy lee sin, instead see it as a constant pushing of minion waves that slowly accumulate into cash flows (transpose minion waves as gold waves) clearing waves will first undoubtedly boost your game-play - read waves - push when u have vision - and let them push onto your turrets when you don't

2) Designating the time frames of a game will add to your perspective and outlook. Many of us wanna /ff at 20 when were down 10 kills and 2 turrets. This is so ridiculous and now you'll know why. The time frame of a game is
A) early game - ALL TURRETS ARE UP AND YOU HAVEN'T HIT cntrl R yet :P this is farm phase and "watch out for that jungler" phase
B) mid game - THE FIRST TIER TURRETS ARE FALLING - the jungler has made his move or mid has migrated to help another lane push and take turret down. WELL NOW WHERE DO WE GO - we will help the remaining lane turrets that are up possibly exchange turrets / lanes / buffs / and have a little more interactive team-play IN SHORT - my turret is dead dude, I'm coming to help you now
C) late game - I CAN ONE SHOT YOUR ADC AND 1V5 IF YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT PUSHING this is the stage of game-play where your team is built, has amassed 3-4 major items and has begun taking map control - WARDS CAN HELP DESIGNATE TIME-FRAME TOO - if you are confident being in a group of 5 and pushing lanes / turrets / neutrals / inhibs you are late game dude, and its time to look forward to the 5v5
IN SHORT AGAIN - early game guard each lane - mid game - help free up teammates to start leveraging your team stance - late game - PUSH THAT INHIB (and ward before pushing)

3) Team Composition is possibly the easiest control of any game - reason for this ease is that most champions offer something unique innately or share a common ground that helps synergize team-play. The quickest way to understand a good team comp is
A) gap closers - ie dash, sprint, leap, slows, anything that helps catch an enemy - if your team has at least one champion with this you know as a 5v5 you can AT LEAST catch 1 to either nuke OR promote the 5v5
B) AOE PEW PEW - if you have champions with that massive area of effect dmg (fid, ken, annie, anivia, malph, morde) then u will have easier times not just focusing one target BUT CRUSHING TEAMS and their morality too so they turn and run away - let the chase begin
C) BOOSTS/HEALS/BUFFS by utilizing some of the really really cool buffs some champs give (soraka, janna, karma, sona, nunu, jayce, lulu) you will directly increase if not JUST YOUR DAMAGE then also your durability as a team - see what champs your teammates pick and try to match them with a champ who can develop their real potential EVEN IF YOURE NOT IN LANE WITH THEM understand you will be in a 5v5 at some point ( team buffs are awesome ty zilean and tf )
D) HIT ME NOT HIM - you're team will need beef - either through build are actual champion selection - suggest forming a team comp of high sustain fighters and bruisers - those champs who get in your face and DONT CARE CAUSE THEY CAN TAKE THE DMG (mundo, garen, mao, malph, leona, nunu) these champs are designed to not only take dmg, but to also intimidate the enemy, taunting them while eating minions to heal up or leave the fight and return fully healed. THEY ARE MEANT TO INITIATE AND PROTECT THE TEAM pay attention to where you take your tank and don't leave your adc or mage open for damage
SUM IT UP NICE AND EASY - coordinate through team select to fully boost your dps and durability ( IF YOU'RE HEAVY AD go janna its ok - IF THE ENEMY TEAM IS HEAVY AP go soraka - utilize the passives and potential item build to fully boost your chances - try to simulate the 5v5 engages as best as u can and try thinking of the best solutions to any problems you think will come up)

4) Timing and tactics are a piece of the lol pie. simply - watch the minion waves to anticipate when an enemy might come to farm it - or when you have vision of the enemy team, weigh whether it would be better to push that lane quickly, b to base again, tp to a ally location, read that mini map like a book - one that DEPICTS POSSIBILITIES AND MOVEMENT.
The timing idea is set for neutrals and pushing. Know when to push as a team - wards and minions can help. And remember that perspective and outlook? Yea... as you are in the lane pushing create the linear border of turret coverage, minion wave, and ward coverage - IT IS THE BORDER OF SECURITY - your little box of known protection. connect the dots of visual coverage in order to decide whether to push, back, farm, hold lane, even just to go ward a location - CREATING THE VISUAL BOX WILL HELP YOU FROM DYING... feeding... crying... and /ff at 20 regardless :P

5) Finally (just to keep it at the 5 i initially stated lol)... A TOTAL WRAP UP this idea is coming from full POTENTIAL not just of you but of all of your combined damage as a team. 5v5 - 5x4= 20 spells / 5x2 = 10 summoner spells (which is sad to see just ignite flashes but w/e.... ) 5x6=30 items - 5 boots = 25 items - 1sightstone (we hope) = 24 items. These numerical figures of true potential is so great and cannot be completely decided even within just 20min (because skill and mastery also contribute)

REGARDLESS... tying all the perceivable possibilities helps really understand how much variability there is in just one match - LEARN YOUR CHAMP - LEARN A NICE EARLY to MID GAME BUILD - THEN COORDINATE WITH THE TEAM IN FORCE/ ITEM / AND FOCUS dont feel that a few successful ganks have set your whole team back
stay confident in lane - FARM THE BEST U CAN PLZ FARM IT UP - btw aim 10min / 100cs - 20min/ 150cs - 30min/ 200cs (this will help you regulate your gold) keep improving your stats as your role -
AND RESPECT THE OTHER TEAMMATES WHO ARE FARMING AND PERFORMING BETTER THAN YOU - watch them, learn, and win as a team - they are doing the SAME EXACT OBSERVATIONS AS YOU - but might have a few tricks up their sleeves

and yes i hope this helps in anyway possible, i can rant about LOL forever but in truth it is a lot to take in but in the end, were all button mashing and trying to wreckroll each enemy we lane and play against - with increasing your insight of what it actually is as a TEAM GAME - I'm sure you can begin pro-ing out and making a display of talent. Right? GOOD! GG


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k so i wrote a lot, it looks like a bit of info, but on side notes i love this game and wanna see what sense i can make of it for others too! lemme know what you think and regardless i hope you have a gg GOD BLESS YOU PPL