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Atlas Gaming Southern California Competitive Team

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Atlas Gaming is looking for talented players to tryout to join our local pro team roster of 5 players with 2 subs.

1. Elo Rating of 1500+
2. Ability to commute to Gamer Realm (27682 Santa Margarita Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92691) for scheduled training days and events.
3. Have great teamwork!

1. Free of cost scheduled training at Gamer Realm's awesome facility! Great way to practice and improve!
2. Priority sign ups at Gamer Realm and Atlas Gaming events.
3. Team participation at local events in Southern California.
4 Be part of our growing community

If interested please send us an email (atlasgamingcommunity@gmail.com) follow this format: Example-
Subject: Local Sc2 Pro Team
Rating: 1600
Best role: jungler
Best champions: nocturne, amumu, skarner
City you live in: Laguna Niguel
Availability to attend tryouts at Gamer Realm: I'm free on Saturdays at 11am.

We won't let anyone do online tryouts and must pay Gamer Realm's hourly price to attend. Tryouts will only take 1 hour, that is only $4.
Gamer Website: http://www.gamerrealm.com/
Atlasgaming Website: http://www.atlasgaming.net/