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How's this Vayne Build?

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Junior Member


My Personal Vayne Guide / Build

Vayne Bot / Top, you choose.

I personally run Flash+Ignite, I'm not a fan of Cleanse, so come at me and insult me, I don't care, ignite provides a better kill potential for early game, being able to get gold and finish my core items. Also my build will have Banshees in it so.

My Build
Start - Boots + 3 Pots.

3 Paths -
-If you manage to die before getting 1450 Gold, then get Short Sword / Vamp Scepter, eventually get a BT.
-If you're versing a tanky adc (Graves, Urgot, etc), Zeals to proc your W faster - Then focus on your BT.
-If you manage to gain 1450 Gold, get BF sword - Get Vamp Scepter, then BT.

Next, get Phantom Dancer - First, get Zeals, then the dagger, then the crit cloak.

After that, it's all situational, you either want to get yourself more damage, and go for Infinity Edge, or build a bit defensive, and go for Banshees.

If you got banshees first, get an IE.
If you got your IE first, get banshees.

You'll probably be around 25-35 minutes, with all those 5 items required; That's IF, you farmed well.

Now, situational - If you find yourself dying a lot, get yourself a GA.
~ If they never focus you, and focus your initator, get another Infinity Edge or SoTD to deal max damage.
~ If your enemy has a lot of armor pen + magic pen and usually start focusing you, just get Warmogs, the s3 Warmogs is really good and unless you're playing blinds, only another Vayne would counter you with Warmogs.

If you want, sell your boots, and buy something else that you'd think would make you stronger.

CS time -
5:00 as much as you can.
10:00 as much as you can.
15:00 - 50-100.
20:00 - 80-120+
25:00 - 125-150+ (You're going to be in a lot of teamfights and get objectives, so)
30:00 - 175-200+ (You'd like as much farm as you can, because this is heading into late game, if you haven't gotten your Banshees, and they're smart enough to focus you, then you're probably stuffed.)

Who to focus -
You can ult+tumble and run to their adc, and kill them, as long as they're close to you.

Kill the bruiser / assassin who's diving, trying to kill you, just Ult+Q away, then aa, assuming your teams going to be hitting him.

Kill the one that's dealing the most damage.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Downvote it, Upvote it, I don't care, this was mainly to show you my build for Vayne, criticism is allowed, but don't go to far.


P.S I know I typically just gave a guide out, but I don't really care.
Feedback is appreciated, thanks.

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BV is meh, I only really like it if you sieging towers and afraid of getting caught with a long range CC. Not awful, more personal preference. I support Warmogs more.

Haven't done the math/tried this in a game that wasn't a stomp. BUT it continued to stomp so I'm assuming its not that bad. Try getting Zephyr early, gives the same Attack speed as phantom dancer, gives CD (tumble kiting is nice), give 10% MS (4 more than PD), a bit of AD, all on top of 35% tenacity. Zephyr with a Dorans, Vamp Scepter and AS boots seems pretty damn scary to me.

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SeCKS Egai

Senior Member


BV got better since the reduced the cd a ton, but now that QSS has an upgrade, It's basically become a core for my Vayne.

Zerks, BT, PD - all core items for me, the zerks could be swapped, but its typically easier and cheaper to go with zerks unless the situation really calls for something else.

As much as I love the IE/PD setup for any ADC, I've found myself forgoing the IE a lot of the time. Either I build armor pen or attack speed (utilizing true dmg to make up for whats lost to armor), and have something for survival. I was running for a bit, but found it rarely made the desired impact - Any time I was killed, the revive would just put me in a position to die again. It was very rare for me to be defeated by a sliver and saved by the proc - most of the time if I go down, that GA just means a few more seconds of camping before the enemy switches targets.


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Junior Member


I'll be trying Zephyrs soon, thanks for the input!

I usually go Vayne top, it's just really fun and you counter the heck out of their bruiser.
After I wrote this guide, I played a game (Vayne top) and went 13/1 with this build.
However, I wasn't able to recall because everytime I was under 50% health, I usually farmed Wraiths + Wolves to get most of my life back, so was no biggie.

Once you get your BT + PD, you'll pretty much be able to 1v1 someone, especially if you hit your E and stun them.

Whoever downvoted, thanks for not replying, at least give me feedback, idiot. -.-

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Senior Member


Getting multiple IE's is pointless since the passive doesn't stack and BloodThirster just offers more damage more efficiently.

In my opinion, Vayne does best with maximized attack speed (after Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge of course). So, supplement that with Zephyr's (attack speed, movement speed, cooldown reduction, TENACITY!!!) and Phantom Dancer. On top of that, get Beserker's Greaves of course. Then, depending on the situation, GA (too much damage; can't dps), Last Whisper (too much armor; can't dps), or just another Phantom Dancer (Either too much health or neither too much damage nor too much armor).

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Don't forget about Static Shiv (crit chance, AS, movespeed, and the AoE proc). I find it better on Vayne to get more AS than to bother building Last Whisper for the arpen. The AoE proc is also really good at helping Vayne waveclear earlier (which she kinda has a problem with compared to say a Graves or Caitlyn lane).

I usually go BT > Zerks > Shiv > PD > IE > Frozen Mallet / Warmogs / Guardian Angel.

Kinda like the Mallet as the 6th item since it really helps you both kite and chase, Warmogs is good if you eat a lot of poke you need to regen, GA if you get CC'd and exploded in teamfights.

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Junior Member



70% AS and true shot can hit up to 3 targets at once...nice for multiple tank or brusier setups.