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[BUG] Gaming Breaking: Unable to use abilities / basic attack

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Just wanted to make this known and I want to make sure it gets fixed as well. While playing in a game as Pantheon after a small fight I found myself unable to do the following things:

1. Use champion abilities
2. Basic attack
3. Recall

I could do everything else. I could walk around, I could purchase and sell items. I could also use my summoner spells. I could use flash and ignite both. To try to fix the problem I did the following, in order:

1. Log out, reconnect
2. Rebind keys
3. Used attack command and hold command
4. Die

None of the above worked. I was rendered useless for the rest of the game. Needless to say we lost after an amazing game in our favor. Incredibly annoying. The last thing I remember doing is fighting before the bug kicked in. It was us, Ahri and Pantheon versus Akali. Akali was killed in her shroud by Ahri's Q. After that I could no longer use my abilities.

I would greatly appreciate someone looking into this and getting back to me. Thanks.