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The thing that i hate the most about this game.

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Senior Member


Isn't the toxic players.

Isn't the adobe air client.

Isn't bugs or anything related.

Isn't Teemo. Or Darius.

Is this matchmaking system, and this is why.

I get it, the more matchs i win, the stronger my enemies will be, the system doesn't wants me to win forever and i need to "level up".

BUT Why the system has been made to match you with less skilled players the more you win?.

Let's say, you have a winning streak of 10 matchs, then you lose 15, and after those 15 matchs you just want to cheer yourself and get a win, but you can't, you just lost some of your elo/hidden elo and now you're paired with more less skilled players.

Y Riot? why the system has been made to be paired with players with a streak of lossing games when you're having a winning streak? :/

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Yes, it's a good thing Riot is coming out with an new rating system!

Even with the current system your comments don't really make sense.