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Hacker stole my accout, what should I do

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Zona Seeker

Junior Member


Hello, somebody stole "THIS" account and I'm trying to get it back.

I'm the original owner on the last saved password, and can't change password because I don't know the new one and also he changed the e-mail address. I submitted a ticket, but I want the account frozen or something, I don't appreciate it.

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When changing emails, does it ask for a secret question or something?

If so, how did he know your email? If not, Riot needs to implement this to prevent what happened to you...

Also, accidental spending of RP should make a confirmation window because I accidentally messed up...

if I were you, id make a ticket on a different account, since when MAKING a ticket, you can put someone elses name on it etc...

So make a ticket, put your hacked account info on it, and they will reply to you asking for confirmation things.