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Please Ban Trolls

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Senior Member


Damein Sandow:
there needs to be steeper consequences for dodging.


people troll? no problem enemies get trolls too. stop thinking the world revolves around you.


from my experiences the dodgers and the one who try to falsely accuse partners as being trolls, they are the biggest trolls of them all.

I would be very interested to sift through your pregame lobbies if this is your true opinion, it is very indicative that your in game behavior matches your forum behavior.

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yeah I'd like a way to vote people out of a game. Like how 2 games in a row I've had somebody who autolocks revive and smite and says they're going mid or something. That's not freedom of expression. That's just being a dick when they say they're gonna troll and feed. If everybody kicks a person from the game it would be nice because the other 4 people wouldnt be punished for not wanting to play with a troll.

the obvious exception would be that premades cant vote since going around banning everybody would suck