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RP Delay Issue

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Junior Member


So I bought $35 of RP, once I came out of the store, the game didn't register my RP, I checked my paypal quickly and realized I wasn't charged, so I charged my account again. After relogging, I notice my RP was still the same number as it was before, but after I made my transaction, it turns out I spent $70 by accident instead of 35.

So my question is, is there a way to refund the RP that I haven't spent? With the event that's going on right now, I have an extra 5450RP that I'm not sure will be used anytime soon. I didn't expect to spend the extra 35, it coulda been due to the glitch in the system, but if I'm outta luck I understand. Is there anyone that can help shed some light on my situation?

Thanks in advance,


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Solaris Shadow



You will need to create a support ticket in order to address this issue;