Alteration to Ranked - Matching with teammates

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Rabid Jokester

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Take everything I say with a grain of salt, but I figured this might help out with ranked queuing a bit and getting out of "Elo Hell" a little more smoothly.

Going on 3 years of play now and have barely touched ranked due to the fact of poor teammates. Everyone has to start somewhere but people who are fresh off the boat with only 190 wins running ranked for the first time can bring down a whole team.

My thoughts on this quick fix, would to take in account "Normal Elo" or amount of "wins/losses" when queuing for ranked. With 1700 wins and roughly 500 over my losses it becomes unbelievably aggravating when you cant match with a team with similar game play experience.

Now I understand it may be hard to queue up with a team with same wins as some people, but at least get queued with someone who has had some experience. And yes I understand that is why they have the lvling system from 1 to 30. But to be honest you don't learn the true core of the game until you have been lvl 30 for awhlie.

I want to play ranked but dealing with this has made ranked more of a chore rather than fun. I feel this would bring a lot more of the player base out to play ranked.

Its just a thought but definitely would shape up a lot of the ranked issues.

comments/concerns appreciated.