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your purchase cannot be completed at this time.

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Well, turns out I had PI 6400, which had the bug, because I tried to buy the Jayce, which is worth 6300 and told me that I was missing 35 of PI, I bought the 450 Poppy, but left with 6400 IP, try to buy the Jayce and tells me I have 5800.

In this photo you can see more closely.



Bueno, resulta que yo tenia 6400 de PI, los cuales los tenia bug, porque yo trataba de comprarme al Jayce, el cual vale 6300 y me decia que me faltaban 35 de PI, me compre a la Poppy de 450, pero quede con 6400 de IP, trato de comprarme al Jayce y me dice que tengo 5800.

En esta foto pueden ver mas de cerca.


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God Samrat



I have same problem buying rengar, hope they fix this soon